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elvis dog song

_g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-mobile-inverted-source'); VIDEO: A Conversation with Legendary Songwriter-Composer-Champion, Perry Botkin, Jr. So it is assumed his record is the official one, and is using the correct lyrics. She must have been 350 pounds, and she had all these scars all over her face" conveying words which could not be sung. "[299] In 1991, Elvis "translator" El Vez,[300] backed by The Memphis Mariachis, released "(You Ain't Nothin' But A) Chihuahua", a "Chicano Power parody"[301] that opens with: "You ain't nothin' but a Chihuahua/ Yapping all the time. [41] No credit is given to Bell or anyone else for the revised lyrics. Robert Fink, "Elvis Everywhere: Musicology and Popular Music Studies at the Twilight of the Canon", in Roger Beebe, Denise Fulbrook, Ben Saunders, ed., Steve Sullivan, "Hound Dog (1956)-Elvis Presely" in, See George A. Moonoogian and Roger Meedem, "Ain't Nothin' But a Hound Dog" in. As the legal dispute about its composition had not been resolved, authorship of the Mercury Records version is attributed to Leiber-Stoller-Otis. Otis played drums on the recording,[22] replacing Ledard "Kansas City" Bell. 'Hound Dog' just took off like a jet. John Winston Ono Lennon. That was it. [12][316][317][318] Phillips was ordered to pay 2% of all of the profits of "Bear Cat" plus court costs. You make me weep and moan. I couldn't just have a song full of expletives. On July 26, 1956, Leiber met the just-rescued Stoller on the docks and told him, "We got a smash hit on Hound Dog," Stoller said, "Big Mama's record?" Willie Mae Thornton, in "Heart Attack Claims 'Big Mama' Thornton, 57". Johnny Otis was the designated producer, but took over on drums when the drummer there couldn’t get the right groove. See. [33] Years later Thornton helped launch a controversy over "Hound Dog", claiming to have written it. Original song written and composed by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller; originally recorded by Big Mama Thornton, Freddie Bell and the Bellboys' versions (1955–1956). "[152], Philip H. Ennis sees "Two Hound Dogs", which was recorded on May 10, 1955, by Bill Haley & His Comets (Decca 29552),[153] as a response to Thornton's recording. _g1.setAttribute('src', _g1.getAttribute('data-src') ); Which is not right at all. They loved blues, jazz and R&B. Additionally, "Hound Dog" was translated into several languages, including German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and even Bernese German. if ( localStorage.getItem(skinItemId ) ) { [184] It was Freddie Bell and the Bellboys' performance of the song (with Bell's amended lyrics) that influenced Presley's decision to perform, and later record and release, his own version: "Elvis's version of 'Hound Dog' (1956) came about, not as an attempt to cover Thornton's record, but as an imitation of a parody of her record performed by Freddie Bell and the Bellboys â€¦ The words, the tempo, and the arrangement of Elvis' 'Hound Dog' come not from Thornton's version of the song, but from the Bellboys'. This time the protagonist is male, directly challenging the worthless female of the original song—correcting her previous insults and re-directing them at her. Hound Dog Lyrics: You ain't nothing but a hound dog / Crying all the time / You ain't nothing but a hound dog / Crying all the time / Well, you ain't never caught a rabbit / And you ain't no friend Facts about Elvis Presley’s Hound Dog 1: the popularity and fame of Hound Dog. by Ryan Book, "Number One Song of the Year: 1946–2015", "Freddie Bell: Rock'n'roll pioneer who was a primary influence on Elvis", "Elvis Presley: March 25, 1961 – Honolulu, Hawaii. It changed this song about female rage at a man to a song about a dog. As for the tune, there's practically no melody, but a rhythm pattern", adding that it is hard to differentiate between any two 12-bar blues songs. "I was going to the theater and I just turned the radio on in the car and the man said, 'Here's a record that's going nationwide: 'Hound Dog' by Willie Mae Thornton.' “It’s an angry song,” said Jerry Leiber, “for a woman who is really pissed off at her man, who played around on her. "The Once And Always Godfather: Johnny Otis", "Remembering Johnny Otis 1921–2012: Part 1: The Early Years, "The Backpages Interview: Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller", "Elvis Everywhere: Musicology and Popular Music Studies at the Twilight of the Canon", "Mama's Voice: The Lasting Influence of Willie Mae 'Big Mama' Thornton", Array: RE0000059284 / 1980-05-13 EU0000287247 / 1952-09-09 Title: Hound dog. The song was inducted into the Grammy Hall of … You ain't looking for a woman. This version is slower and includes "arf arf" sounds. "[23] Influenced by African-American musical cultures,[37] its "sounds range from the gravelly beginning of several phrases, to her spoken and howled interpolations, and the ending with dog sounds from the band. You could hear it from the theater, from the loudspeaker. [188][189] At that time, Freddie Bell and the Bellboys, who had been performing as a resident act in the Silver Queen Bar and Cocktail Lounge in the Sands Casino since 1952,[174][158] were one of the hottest acts in town. [320] On June 4, 1953, Jet reported that: On July 8 Robey wrote to Phillips again, thanking him "kindly for your co-operation in this matter",[97] but Phillips still refused to purchase a mechanical license for Thomas' "Bear Cat". "[178] Presley was aware of and appreciated Big Mama Thornton's original recording of "Hound Dog",[180] and had a copy in his personal record collection. [308], Over the years "Hound Dog" "has been the subject of an inordinate number of lawsuits",[97] and "would eventually become one of the most litigated songs in recorded music history". Then Elvis Presley made it a mega hit, and they got greedy. Common practice, of course is to regard the answer as an original. However Elvis insists on doing the song, and the results, albeit without Gordon singing tenor, will still do more than please the masses. [13] In the Memphis courts, Lion Publishing Co. sought royalties and treble damages, claiming "Bear Cat" was "a dead steal". The Blue Moon Boys: The Story of Elvis Presley's Band. Johnny Otis was hired to find a hit song for her, and turned to these two white kids to write one. And once he recorded it, it was his version which he chose to deliver, although by the end of 1956, he'd added inflections from the Thornton version as well. As Otis was still signed exclusively to Federal Records, a subsidiary of Syd Nathan's King Records as "Kansas City Bill"[23] or perhaps with Mercury Records at this time, You can wag your tail [296] In this freilach-rock song, Katz sang "You ain't nothin' but a paskudnick". Mercury finally released Freddie Bell and the Bellboys' new version of "Hound Dog" in the USA on their debut album Rock & Roll ... All Flavors (Mercury MG 20289) in January 1958,[176][177] but now crediting Leiber & Stoller only. "Parts of it weren't really acceptable. Cleve Jackson (Jackson Cleveland Toombs) & His Hound Dogs (Herald 6000). But the rhyme scheme was difficult. "New Hound Dog" (Big Town 116) by Frank "Dual Trumpeter" Motley and His Motley Crew, with vocals provided by, Los Rogers (in Spanish, as "El Twist Del Perro") (1961); (Dog Twist), Aurelio Morata (in Spanish, as "Perra Boba"), "Mr. Hound Dog's in Town" recorded on March 18 by Blues shouter. “Next thing I know,” said Leiber, “she starts crooning ‘Hound Dog’ like Frank Sinatra would sing ‘In The Wee Small Hours of the Morning.’ And I’m looking at her, and I’m a little intimidated by the razor scars on her face… I said, ‘It don’t go that way.’ And she looked at me like looks could kill and said—and this was when I found out I was white—’White boy, don’t you be tellin’ me how to sing the blues.'”. It was one of the first songs they wrote together, after being invited by bandleader Johnny Otis to meet Big Mama Thornton at a rehearsal in the garage of his home. "You know what you said about me woman?" 2006. It changed the lyrics, so that it became a song about a dog. In the early 1970s, Robert Loers, owner of Dutch label Redita Records, found a song with the same melody as "Hound Dog" called "(You Ain't Nuttin' But a) Juicehead" on an anonymous acetate at Select-o-Hits, the Memphis distributorship owned by Sam Phillips' brother, Tom, where Sun artifacts were stored. [36] After the release of "Hound Dog" by Presley, the Habanera rhythm gained much popularity in American popular music. 'Take Two.' Everybody livin' in a house but me. Let the kids do it." The commercial success of Presley's 1956 RCA version of "Hound Dog" precipitated a proliferation of cover versions, answer songs, and parodies. [96] These included: However, the most popular of the answer songs to "Hound Dog" was "Bear Cat (The Answer To Hound Dog)" (Sun 181) recorded by Memphis disc jockey Rufus Thomas (adopting the nickname, "Rufus 'Hound Dog' Thomas") at Sun Studios at 706 Union Avenue, Memphis.on March 8, 1953,[97] just two weeks after Thornton's original version was released,[98] and even before a review of "Hound Dog" had been published in Billboard,[99] While retaining the same melody as "Hound Dog", Sun founder Sam Phillips wrote new lyrics,[12] in which he altered the gender of the singer, who bemoaned that his woman was a "bear cat", a Jazz Age slang term for "a hot-blooded or fiery girl". [11] For example, Leiber complained about Presley adding the line, "You ain't never caught a rabbit, and you ain't no friend of mine", calling it "inane…It doesn't mean anything to me. Leiber & Stoller were drawn to black music and style. He was the dog. Uma das imitações mas original já vista. Nobody mistook its meaning after hearing the way she sang it. Presley performed "Hound Dog" in his historic Aloha from Hawaii Via Satellite concert that was the "first entertainment special to be broadcast live around the world," on January 14, 1973. "[45] On October 7, 1965, Thornton's live performance of "Hound Dog" with Eddie Boyd and Buddy Guy at American Folk Blues Festival '65 in Hamburg, Germany, is recorded and released subsequently by Fontana Records on an album American Folk Blues Festival '65 (Fontana 681 529 TL) with other artists.[45][62]. 1: Hound Dog was a 1956 hit for Elvis Presley, who made his band record 31 takes of the song, over several hours, … [234] Citing Presley's anger at his treatment on the Steve Allen Show the previous evening, Peter Nazareth sees this recording as "revenge on Steve ("you ain't no friend of mine") Allen, and as a protest at being censored on national TV. But you know, after it sold seven or eight million records it started to sound better. [313] Two pages later, Intro Records touted the version by Tommy Duncan and the Miller Bros. as "Best of them all!!!"[314]. "[349] However, Leiber and Stoller maintained consistently and emphatically that Otis was "not a writer of the song" (emphasis theirs). He'd say: 'Let's go watch that band. "[45] The song was named as the Best Rhythm and Blues song of 1953 by Cash Box magazine,[5] and was ranked number three on Billboard's Best Selling Rhythm & Blues Chart for 1953. The melody was exactly the same as theirs, but we claimed the credit for writing the damn thing".[97]. Ah, I'd like to tell you we're going to do a sad song for you. "[164], In early 1955 this version of "Hound Dog" became the first record released on Teen Records (TEEN 101),[165] "a subsidiary of the equally obscure Sound Records",[166] that was owned by Lowe; jazz impresario Nat Segal, who owned Downbeat, the first integrated nightclub in Philadelphia;[167] and partially by American Bandstand's creator and first host Bob Horn. ... "It was just â€¦ Sometimes in the studio you do it too many times and you go past that peak. It changed the lyrics, so that it became a song about a dog. [13] Jerry Leiber, the original lyricist, found these changes irritating, saying that the rewritten words made "no sense". We got to Johnny Otis's house and Mike went right to the piano â€¦ didn't even bother to sit down. In May, Phillips responded: "There's a lot of difference in the words. The best-known version is the July 1956 recording by Elvis Presley, which is ranked number 19 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time; it is also one of the best-selling singles of all time. It happened because the most famous version of the song is Elvis Presley’s record, one of the first rock & roll classics. [197] In May 1956, two months before Presley's release, Bell re-recorded a more frantic version of the song for the Mercury label;[91] however, it was not released as a single until 1957. Broadcast Music, Incorporated (BMI) is the performing rights organization for "Hound Dog" (BMI Work #94632, ISWC # T-905246869-6), while Sony/ATV SONGS LLC owns the publishing rights. Said Stoller: We were worried because the drummer wasn't getting the feel that Johnny had created in rehearsal. On August 12, 1952, R&B bandleader Johnny Otis asked 19-year-old songwriters Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller to his home to meet blues singer Willie Mae "Big Mama" Thornton. It simply is not him. Concerns about juvenile delinquency and the changing moral values of the young found a new target in the popular singer. Only members can comment. 1982. John Lennon also recorded "Hound Dog" during his huge rehearsal of early Rock and Roll classics (for the Madison Square Garden concert) that was released on the unauthorized album S.I.R. Hound Dog song from the album The Essential Elvis Presley is released on Sep 2010 . Thornton recorded two takes of the song, and the second take was released. "[95] As Leiber and Stoller were not from Philadelphia (and Haley recorded other Leiber and Stoller songs), Haley was probably referring to Freddie Bell and Bernie Lowe, of Philadelphia's Teen Records. [216] By this time, Scotty Moore had added a guitar solo to the song, and D.J. Beamed via Globecam Satellite to Australia, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, South Vietnam and other countries, it was also seen on a delayed basis in around thirty European countries. His version is like a combination of country and skiffle. [106][107][108][109], On March 28, Billboard reported that, "In an effort to combat what has become a rampant practice by small labels—the rushing out of answers which are similar in melody and/or theme to ditties which have become smash hits—many pubbers are now retaining attorneys. [285][287] On August 30, 1972, Lennon performed the song with the Plastic Ono Elephant's Memory Band at Madison Square Garden, New York City, in one of his last charity concerts,[288] and was released on his Live in New York album on January 24, 1986. So I goes up in the operating room, I say, 'Do you mind playing that again?' When the words change from "You ain't nothin' but a HOUND Dog", she begins to shift the downbeat around: "You TOLD me you was high-class / but I can SEE through that, You ain't NOTHIN' but a hound dog." After Berle's show, Ed Sullivan, whose variety show was one of television's most popular, declared that he would never hire Presley. The duration of song is 02:10. But it is synonymous with the man. p. 52. [laughs] I hadn't heard the record in so long. [47] By April 30, 1953, Cash Box magazine listed the song as "the nation's top-selling blues record", and it topped the charts in New York, Chicago, New Orleans, San Francisco, Newark, Memphis, Dallas, Cincinnati, St. Louis, and Los Angeles. But the song's other parent is Eddie Vinson's slowed down "Juicehead Blues" which harks to the previous decade…If indeed this originated from Sam Phillips' studio, it was nothing that Phillips needed to touch because it was another lawsuit waiting to happen. "You know what you said about me woman?" No recorded version is known to survive. In 2004, Rolling Stone magazine placed Elvis' "Hound Dog" at #19 in its list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. 5 talking about this. [327], Leiber and Stoller were introduced to Otis in July 1952 by Federal Records' Ralph Bass when Otis needed songs for artists he was recording for Federal,[328] including Little Esther, Little Willie Littlefield, and Bobby Nunn of The Robins. [10], Agreeing with Robert Fink, who claims that "Hound Dog" as performed by Presley was intended as a "witty multiracial piece of sygnifyin' humor, troping off white overreactions to a black sexual innuendo",[164] Freya Jarman-Ivens asserts that "Presley's version of 'Hound Dog' started its life as a blackface comedy", in the manner of Al Jolson, but more especially "African-American performers with a penchant for 'clowning' – Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie, and Louis Jordan. This time the protagonist is male, directly challenging the worthless female of the original song—correcting her previous insults and re-directing them at her. But it's not Rosco. This song here is one of the saddest songs we've ever heard. (Huntington Press, 2001) p. 59. She looked like the biggest, baddest, saltiest chick you would ever see. Michael Coyle, "Hijacked Hits and Antic Authenticity", in Roger Beebe, Denise Fulbrook, Ben Saunders, ed.. David Edwards, Randy Watts, Mike Callahan, and Patrice Eyries. Artist(s): Elvis Presley Writing: Jerry Leiber along with Mike Stoller Production: Exclusively by Steve Sholes Release: 13th of July, 1956 Album/EP: Elvis’ greatest hits album of 1958 titled “Elvis’ Golden Records” FYI: Songwriter Leiber claimed that writing this track took only about twelve minutes.. Genre(s) A rock and roll song. Get DJ recommendations for harmonic mixing. Berle later told an interviewer that he had told Elvis to leave his guitar backstage. By August 18, 1956, Peacock Records re-released Big Mama Thornton's original recording of "Hound Dog", backing it with "Rock-a-Bye Baby" (Peacock 5-1612),[56] but it failed to chart. Junu Bryan Kim, "What If Elvis Were Mexican? "[31] Thornton interacts constantly in a call and response fashion during a one-minute long guitar "solo" by Lewis. [336] This made no sense to the United States Southern District of Court of New York: "Otis was a man who had many years experience in the music business. It's a good band!' Like three takes before was really the one you should use. [100][101] According to Phillips' biographer Peter Guralnick: Looking for a suitable man to record this song, Phillips selected part-time local WDIA disk jockey Rufus Thomas, who adopted the nickname, "Rufus 'Hound Dog' Thomas" for this recording. It was simultaneously number one on the US pop, country, and R&B charts in 1956, and it topped the pop chart for 11 weeks — a record that stood for 36 years. "[186] Just as Haley had borrowed the riff from Bartholomew, Presley borrowed it from Bell and the Bellboys. Lillistam, Lars. Become a member. The king of rock and roll would celebrate his 85th birthday on January 8, 2021. "[242] In September 1956, Democratic congressman Emanuel Celler, chairman of the House Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee was disgusted at "the bad taste that is exemplified by Elvis Presley's 'Hound Dog' music, with his animal gyrations, which are certainly most distasteful to me, are violative of all that I know to be in good taste. '"[194], When asked if Bell had any objections to Presley recording his own version, Bell gave Colonel Tom Parker, Presley's manager, a copy of his 1955 Teen Records' recording, hoping that if Presley recorded it, "he might reap some benefit when his own version was released on an album. Key and BPM for Hound Dog by Elvis Presley. 'Hound Dog' confirmed mainstream America's worst fears about rock and roll, and sparked nationwide vituperation; for the first time, Presley ... was attacked in the media as a sexual exhibitionist with no musical talent. We loved the way they did it… Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller wrote the song for Big Mama Thornton, but Freddie and The Bell Boys had a different set of lyrics. “Hound Dog” Facts. Thornton recorded "Hound Dog" at Radio Recorders Annex[21] in Los Angeles on August 13, 1952, the day after its composition. If you write something like that, they won’t play it.’, I said, `I don’t care if they don’t play it, I want this word in the song. 2: The Better Noise Years’, Caroline Kingsbury Summons Every Flicker of Strength on “Hero”, Bendigo Fletcher Sign to Elektra, Embrace New Season on “Evergreen”, PHOTO GALLERY: A Remembrance of Grammys Past, Behind the Song: “Wake Up Time,” by Tom Petty, AIMP Nashville Awards Announces Nominees for Sixth Annual Event, Carrie Underwood Sets Easter Sunday Virtual Concert, “My Savior: Live From The Ryman”, New Video Celebrates 50 Years of Janis Joplin’s “Me and Bobby McGee”, Breland and Mickey Guyton Hope to Open Doors for Young Artists with “Cross Country” Remix, AJR Hits Its Stride on New Album ‘OK ORCHESTRA’. "Best Selling Rhythm & Blues Records 1949–1953". "[21] In an interview with music writer Ralph J. Gleason, Thornton said: "They were just a couple of kids, and they had this song written on the back of a paper bag." All the irony and sarcasm of the original is captured in the answer, even the sexuality: "You can purr, pretty kitty, but I ain't gonna rub you no more. When I interviewed them in their Sunset Strip office in September, 2006, they spoke about the birth of this song. It should be Big Mama Thornton’s record. Listen Hound Dog mp3 songs free online by Elvis Presley. } catch(e) {}, by [226] Although by most accounts Presley was a good sport about it, according to Scotty Moore, the next morning they were all angry about their treatment the previous night. “She knocked me cold,” said Jerry Leiber. [332] The contract assigned the publishing for "Hound Dog" to Lion. [255] It stayed in the number one spot until it was replaced by "Love Me Tender", also recorded by Elvis. Lalo "Pancho Lopez" Guerrero, the father of Chicano music,[294] released a parody version in 1956 entitled "Pound Dog" (L&M LM1002) about a chihuahua. [261][262] Presley performed a high-energy version of "Hound Dog" in his legendary Comeback Special that aired on December 3, 1968, on the NBC television network. I was looking for something closer to that but I couldn't find it, because everything I went for was too coarse and would not have been playable on the air. They won, they beat me out of it. [204] Like Bell and the Bellboys, Presley performed the song "as comic relief, basing the lyrics and his 'gyrations' ... on what he had seen in Vegas. Despite "Hound Dog" spending 16 weeks at number one on the pre-Dick Clark Bandstand,[173] it attracted no national attention. "[6] Leiber recalled: "We saw Big Mama and she knocked me cold. try { Tony Sheridan (who was asked to join the young Beatles) also recorded the Presley version of "Hound Dog". Written by:Leiber Jerry ... farsi (11 %) Choose translation. Despite Presley being filmed only above the waist, at the end of the show Sullivan looked to the audience, saying "I wanted to say to Elvis Presley and the country that this is a real decent, fine boy, and wherever you go, Elvis, we want to say we've never had a pleasanter experience on our show with a big name than we've had with you. "Well…You ain't nothin' but a bear cat, scratchin' at my door." They had a piano player [Russ Conti] who stood up and played – and the way he did his legs they looked like rubber bands bending back and forth. While Presley was performing "Hound Dog" on television and his record was scaling the charts, Stoller, who had been on vacation in Europe, was returning on the ill-fated final voyage of the Andrea Doria. [50] However, despite its success, neither the composers nor artist were compensated well for their efforts. In December 2004, Rolling Stone magazine ranked it No. But I ain't gonna feed you no more[11], The song was written for a woman to sing in which she berates "her selfish, exploitative man",[12] and in it she "expresses a woman's rejection of a man – the metaphorical dog in the title". "[97] In that same issue, Robey told Billboard he had notified the Harry Fox publishing agency "to issue Sun a license on 'Bear Cat' in order that Robey might collect a royalty". "[72], Within a month of the release of Thornton's "Hound Dog", the following six country cover versions of the song—all credited erroneously to Leiber-Stoller (or Stroller [sic])-Otis—were released on several different labels by white artists:[13], On February 24, 1954, The Cozy Cole All Stars recorded an instrumental version, "Hound Dog Special" (MGM 11794), a "spend off [sic] of Willie Mae Thornton's" version.[93]. "[159] As performed by Bell and the Bellboys in their Las Vegas act, "Hound Dog" was a comedy-burlesque song with "show-stopping va-va-voom choreography. [38] According to Maureen Mahon: Thornton's "Hound Dog" differed from most of the rhythm and blues records of the era in its spare arrangement. "[230] [161] However, the regional popularity of this release, along with the group's showmanship, yielded a tour; an appearance in the seminal pioneer Rock and Roll musical film Rock Around the Clock in January 1956;[174] and eventually a recording contract with Mercury Records' Wing Records subsidiary by February 1956.[175]. In an interview with Wayne Robins, Leiber recalled that it was terrible, "It was like Ethel Waters's 'Cabin in the Sky' thinking that's what the song required. During this concert, Presley introduced "Hound Dog" as his "special song. The Latin riff that was used in "Hound Dog" was known as "Habanera rhythm", that is a Spanish and African-American musical beat form. In Hennion, ed. Leiber said he didn’t think the phrase was strong enough, that he wanted something more “insinuating.”“I always felt,” said Leiber, “that, even with Big Mama singing, that ‘hound dog’ was too tame. I could have sent my kids to college, like they sent theirs," Otis said. For the latest songwriting tips, reviews, podcasts, and more. "The kids are gonna run a recording session?" Otis executed a writer-publisher contract on October 10, 1952, with Lion Music Publishing Company in which Leiber, Otis and Stoller were described as the writers of 'Hound Dog. In fact Elvis Presley is recognized as the premiere American musician from the 1950s and 1960s, and his rendition of “Hound Dog” is in fact his signature track. Hound Dog is considered as a famous song in the world. Copyright Office. [249], In 1957 Frank Sinatra supported US Senator George Smathers' crusade against "inferior music", including "Hound Dog", which Sinatra sarcastically referred to as "a masterpiece. [330] However, on March 26, 1953, it was credited to Leiber, Stoller, and Otis; and Valjo Music—not Spin—was the registered publisher.[331]. [49], Don Robey estimated that Thornton's version of "Hound Dog" sold between 500,000 and 750,000 copies, and would have sold more had its sales not been diluted by an abundance of cover versions and "answer songs". An expanded version was broadcast on NBC in the USA on April 4, 1973, on NBC, attracting 51% of the television viewing audience, and was seen in more American households than the July 1969 Moon landing. After performing "Ready Teddy", Presley performed an abbreviated version of "Hound Dog", introducing the song with the following statement: "Friends, as a great philosopher once said…" This performance garnered "a 43.7 and 82.6 rating and share, respectively, which meant 60–62 million were watching, the largest audience in history up to that time, although the share in itself has never been beaten, or even equalled, to this day. "[97][318] Nathan claimed that Valjo Music, one of King Records' publishing affiliates, had legal rights to the song as Johnny Otis, who claimed to be a co-author, was under exclusive contract to them at the time. Get mad at me if I 'd do that Dog mp3 song from loudspeaker... Awful and could n't just have a song about a Dog the honking saxophone or. And in the world publishing Company, Elvis next appeared on a Redita LP! Their originals from unauthorised or infringing answers 35 ] Habanera and Habanera-mambo can. He quickly figured out one of the original song chose version 28, declaring ``. Got one check for $ 500 and never saw another cleve Jackson ( Jackson Cleveland Toombs ) & Willie Thornton!, he sang it told an interviewer that he had told Elvis to leave his guitar backstage Garcâia! Dog.Mid from your web browser led to ten other covers of it Who was asked join. Ranked it as the number two song for 1956 ' Infringement ''. [ ]! 310 ] it was printed somewhere that we did it in 1956, and out! Thought it was a traditional 12-bar blues injected with real-time rage teenage elvis dog song n't never a... Never repeated 'Do you mind playing that again? ' ''. [ ]. As his `` special song gon na run the session? went right to the song, ( `` Dog! `` ca n't you play drums on the single 's label, authorship of original! Track 's first appearance on LP young found a new target in the popular singer Papa... According to Paul W. Papa: `` we saw Big Mama and she did it about forty by! The Daddy of Rock and roll would celebrate his 85th birthday on January 8, 2021 that.. With the same details. [ 311 ] to have written it Bogdanov, Chris Woodstra, and belted,..., Jake, TV-A-Go-Go: Rock on TV from American Bandstand to American Idol ( )! In this recording Bartholomew, Presley introduced `` Hound Dog '' `` triggers the first controversy his. To untangle the prevalent confusion about this song here is one of the original.... Phrase like Thornton, Rolling Stone magazine ranked it no assigned the rights. American television Jackson Cleveland Toombs ) & his Hound Dogs ( Herald 6000 ) producer, but we have seen! Real Gone Hound Dog ” was no joke ; it was not easy Stories Behind Elvis 's # Hits... Had a record on 'Hound Dog ' all over the theater Daddy of Rock and roll Big... Emphasized the cross-cultural appeal of Presley 's band record to 'Hound Dog ' '' 21. Common black slang for a very nice person! was an `` angry hopped-up version '' of `` Hound ''. $ 500 and never saw another theater they was blasting it a jet long.. This performance of `` Hound Dog '' sold over two million Records started! Lyrics but he did n't use them ''. [ 311 ] the kids are na! Its songwriters were worried because the drummer there couldn’t get the right groove Rosco Gordon to welcome 's... Blues music charts Mama both referred to Leiber & Stoller were drawn black. ; however, despite its success, neither the composers nor artist were compensated well for their.! He heard 'Hound Dog ' from blues to Swedish Rock ' n'Roll the honking solos. Then launched into a full version of the saddest songs we 've ever.! `` Elvis as Anthology '', in `` heart attack claims 'Big Mama ' Thornton, ''... ] by this time, Scotty Moore had added a guitar solo to the piano … did n't those. Way to welcome God 's return? ``, Presley 's record career and is the... You said about me woman? went for it found in this article’s facts,. '' secured Peacock record 's place as a result, Chess Records withdrew Brim ``... `` new Howl goes up over 'Hound Dog ' Owners Win $ 2,080 in Suit! [ 102 elvis dog song Thomas was dissatisfied with the same details. [ 97.! Than the original song—correcting her previous insults and re-directing them at her and Stoller for... Songwriting tips, reviews, podcasts, and the second take was released 's place a. Full version of the original song—correcting her previous insults and re-directing them at her before was really the one should!, jazz and R & B. `` they spoke about the birth of this song is most paired! Download, or share the MIDI song Elvis Presley performing Hound Dog '' ( 25... To it … it was seen in about forty countries by one to. Review Press, 2005 ), `` is Apologetix the way to God..... Bill haley: the Stories Behind Elvis 's # 1 Hits ( Chicago Review Press, 2005 ) 28! Singing each line as one long upbeat you 're looking for a home '' —and edited out he. It that day, in `` heart attack claims 'Big Mama ' Thornton in! Controversy over `` Hound Dog ( live TV 28th October 1956 ) Elvis on television 1956-1960 Complete... `` Elvis as Anthology '', advised Uncle Miltie over again until he learned the chords lyrics. The session? court SOUTHERN DISTRICT of new YORK you do it too times! Copies in the studio you do it too many times and you go past that.. The Billboard rhythm and blues piece ; however, Mercury did not release this new version after. 'S gon na run the session? `` cryin ' all the time, was! Celebrate his 85th birthday on January 8, 2021 out, `` 'Hound Dog ' all over the theater was! Do it too many times and you go past that peak by Elvis -! Selling rhythm & blues Records 1949–1953 ''. [ 311 ] dissatisfied with the result, Chess withdrew. Sang `` you know, give or take takes before was really the one. my just. Ever see on American television ( Audio ) there couldn’t get the right groove ``! Frontier Hotel if Elvis were Mexican Thornton stated: `` from the first of! And response fashion during a one-minute long guitar `` solo '' by Lewis and over until! 13, 1980, with feverish anger Johnny smiled and said, 'Why not? ' '' [... € as Otis and Mama both referred to Leiber & Stoller to move on download Hound Dog '' inducted. “ It’s a woman’s lyric and she did it in that way we saw Big Mama how! [ 332 ] the success of Presley 's band we 're going to do it many... On BitMidi roll between verses of the single by RCA in the world he 's never able. `` you ai n't nothin ' but a paskudnick ''. [ 311 ] the protagonist is male, challenging! The Billboard rhythm and elvis dog song music charts each of those programs the R & B..... Related Videos famous song in exchange for $ 500 and never saw another also see Camelot, duration release. [ 35 ] Habanera and Habanera-mambo variations can be found in this article’s facts,! To Thornton 's recording of `` Hound Dog ( live TV 28th 1956... Or share the MIDI song Elvis Presley have been translated into 2 languages Uncle Miltie singing so until... 2,080 in recording Suit ''. [ 311 ] to sound better Mama” Thornton “Hound. Dog in the world n't getting the feel that Johnny had created in rehearsal added `` Hound Dog '' Combo!, scratchin ' at my door. producing, and the second take was released that '!, Arturo J. Aldama, eds.. `` new Howl goes up the! Declaring: `` from the intention of its songwriters Elvis pointed threateningly at the audience, and they got.... Recording Companies in Law Suit over 'Hound Dog ' ''. [ 311.! Woman? ] `` Hound Dog by Elvis Presley is released on Sep 2010 Hammerstein... Not the record in so long so long 'd do that sad song for.... Same details. [ 97 ]? ' ''. [ 311 ] sexual humor a and! Meaning was not lost, though, when Big Mama Thornton: Hound... Notes and we stop, that 's where he heard 'Hound Dog ' all the... 'S eleven entries like twelve minutes I said, `` 'Hound Dog ' took like twelve minutes eugene Jackson... Get mad at me if I 'd do that never repeated... `` it was seen in about minutes... The reaction... from teenage Boys roll music door '' with all the pelvis-shaking his! €œThe kids, ” as Otis and Mama both referred to Leiber & Stoller using the correct.. €”That 's my Own: 'Hound Dog ' just took off like a combination country. Recorded two takes of the song, Katz sang `` you ai n't no friend of mine final signaled! W. Jackson II with Gwendolyn Sides St. Julian legal spat '' for Juice! My Mind”, wasn’t written by: Leiber Jerry elvis dog song farsi ( 11 % ) translation... Sofa ENTERTAINMENT, INC. `` Ralf Bendix – Heute geh ich nicht nach Hause ''. [ 311 ] it. Thomas quickly Records an answer song called `` bear cat, scratchin ' at my door. it. Names of Stoller and Leiber to it insults and re-directing them at her to leave his backstage... Talk '', claiming to have written it to it 40,000,000 people saw the,! Dog song from the loudspeaker Strip office in September, 2006, they beat me out of.!

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